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Project Iury Oliveira's free software

WARNING: It is and old version of the project. See here for the last version.


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  • Vy is an IDE whose main purpose is turning one programmer daily life easier. Despite of it working with no necessity for mouse, its set of key strokes are much more flexible than the ones in Vim or Emacs. It is highly extensible and modular due to the language it was implemented in. It allows one to develop new plugins more easily thus better fitting to the need of individuals.
  • Untwisted is a networking engine written in python whose main purpose it is being highly powerful for abstracting internet protocols under the perspective of event driven paradigm. It's most notorious aspect it is allowing one to develop complex internet applications with impressive simplicity of code. Code on top of untwisted rarely turns out to be prolix.
  • crocs is a way of reasoning about regex. One is supposed to implement regex's using python language then serialize it allows to generate possible matches for the implemented regex's. Its main goal is making regex to be reusable as functions/classes can be reused instead of merely being reused from plain code snippets.
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Iury Oliveira's free software

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