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crypto4ngo.org (dba CryptoNGO) is a noncommercial organization which helps to finance other noncommercial organizations (benefactors) and personal noncommercial projects through using cryptocurrencies, particularly through issuing new cryptocurrencies for financing a particular project.

The service of CryptoNGO is gratis for benefactors.

CryptoNGO supports trading by newly issuing cyrrencies in order to finance projects of benefactors effectiviely.

CryptoNGO can pursue in a lawsuite authors of fake projects and other crook acts related with CryptoNGO infrastructure.

The board of directors of the organization or an authorized representative of the board of directors may block projects which are considered not good for the mankind.

The organization is controlled by a board of directors by simple majority voiting. Directors are assigned or fired by simple majority voting. This charter may be changed by simple majority voting.

Currently the only member of the board of directors is Victor Porton.