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Ignore all the below. After the US goverment stole $550.46 from me, we are again a nonprofit unregistered in Russia, don't want to deal with toxic US.

US government stole $550.46 from me.

I paid $400 to register a 501(c)3 nonprofit in the US that is the right to operate in the US. Now I have no person with SSN in the nonprofit and so PayPal locked my $150.46 on a nonprofit account. Total $550.46 stolen or cheated (no right for which I paid and no return of borrowed money).

The funny thing is that I can just stop two scientific projects and the would lose trillions of dollars (in addition to what they already lost with their silly behavior). (dba CryptoNGO or crypto4ngo) is a project by Victor Porton's Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit registered in Colorado, Greeley, CO, United States (under control of Victor Lvovich Porton, living in Ashkelon, Israel, an Israel and Russian citizen).

Victor Porton's Foundation is controlled by Victor Porton, currently living in Ashkelon, Israel.

CryptoNGO is a noncommercial project which develops open source software which helps to finance other noncommercial organizations (benefactors) and personal noncommercial projects especially of poor people through using cryptocurrencies and other means, particularly through issuing new cryptocurrencies for financing a particular project.

The service of CryptoNGO is gratis for benefactors.

CryptoNGO supports software for trading by newly issuing currencies in order to finance projects of benefactors effectiviely.

CryptoNGO can pursue in a lawsuite authors of fake projects and other crook acts related with CryptoNGO infrastructure.

Victor Porton is most probably going to create a separate 501(c)3 nonprofit for this project. This is not yet necessary because Victor Porton is the sole director with unlimited control rights, yet.

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  • Victor Porton, Shay Agnon 32-29, Ashkelon, Israel, 78640 (preferred)
  • Victor Porton, 14350 60th St North, Suite: 46431, Clearwater FL. 33760.



  • +972-545229306, Victor Porton