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Featured: Traders! Buy CRY (CryptoNGO) tokens by CryptoNGO nonprofit while they are cheap.

For traders

You are welcome to trade the currencies present on this site: help the mankind and make profit. By trading tokens present on this site you help nonprofit projects.

Buy tokens while they are cheap!

We are not responsible for any money loss due software and other errors, hacker attacks, or cheaters which may operate on this site.

Reasons to trade:

  1. You will make a help to the mankind using these currencies.
  2. Some users will want to make good, therefore they will use such currencies, what will lead to increasing exchange rates for such currencies, what will lead more users what in turn will increase the exchange rate. This is a virtuous circle of increasing the exchange rate. This may make the cryptocurrencies associated with projects even more profitable that regular cryptocurrencies.

You can get our tokens either in an exchange or immediately and automatically by sending any amount of Ether to a contract address of a nonprofit project on this site.

The amount of tokens sent back after your Ether transfer is accordingly the formula described here.

Note that as the market grows the price of the token grows, it may probably become more profitable to buy our tokens at an exchange than by sending Ether to the contract address. The formula for the price may limit only the upper bound of the price, as exchanges may probably sell our tokens cheaper.

Using an exchange

You will be able to trade tokens obtained through this site at an exchange.

For example, you can use EtherDelta site: Click the token name in the toolbar, scroll the list of tokens to the bottom, click Other and and enter the contract address of any token you want to trade.

Investment ideas

As the price grows, if you have a big amount of money you can do cheap wholesale purchase and then sell tokens to other traders who don't own enough money for a big purchase, thus setting the price for them above the price you purchased for.

While price is yet low, purchasing even a small amount (and big too) of tokens may turn out to be profitable.