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Support and advertise two Bible-study sites: (Old Testament) and (New Testament).

The purpose of the organization is to research and study Hebrew Bible as it was written without vowels and New Testament. (Research of related texts and of vowels in Hebrew Bible is also allowed, wherever it helps the main purpose.) Another purpose is to gather all possible Bible translations and commentaries on the same site.

There were no good Bible-study wikis. Old Testament was not thoroughly studied in its original form that is without vowels. 

Created two wikis for Bible study. Written an ancient Hebrew tutorial. Translated about 7 chapters of Genesis. Anyone can publish in our blogs. 

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Currently I am collecting money to my personal bank account, but I want to register a nonprofit (can't now due to bureaucratic reasons) to avoid paying taxes. I am going to openly publish the income and expenses of this project on yearly or monthly basis. Controlling the nonprofit by a board voting rather than by myself solely is planned.

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Without Vowels Project and New Testament Wiki

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