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Project Press release a world news to journalists (missionary sold mission to the devil)

WARNING: It is and old version of the project. See here for the last version.


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I want to make a press release and send it to journalists based on the following laughful news:

Proposed title: Real Harry Potter: A Missionary That Sold His Mission To The Devil

A prospective missionary from Russia failed his mission in total poverty and finally sold his mission to the devil. But he learned to do real magic not less funny than Harry Potter and claimed to marry St. Mary. At end he became so much offended by all the world that he decided to give up and founded a new religion. He claims that he was offended for trillion dollars (the loss which would be caused for his math research by his death from hunger). Now he is seriously expecting to become a billionaire of religion. Read the blog.

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June 5, 2019, 5:39 p.m.

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Press release a world news to journalists (missionary sold mission to the devil)

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