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Project Press release a world news to journalists (maddest fundraiser ever)


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I want to make a press release and send it to journalists based on the following laughful news:

Proposed title: Maddest Fundraiser Ever

It appeared a fundraiser asking $10 billion dollar (currently it is shown as $1 billion because of the fundraising site limitation). And it is a greatly underestimated goal. Guess what it is? New religion. New sect? No, new religion. Why so loudly called new religion? The author claims the following thing: We in the past followed Torah (Old Testament), then we stopped to follow it and switched to the New Testament. Now the age of the Church and the Gospel is ending and we should stop follow the New Testament in the same way as we stopped to follow the Old Testament. Meanwhile the author claims that the Bible is 100% true (both Old and New Testament). If Christianity is considered a new religion distinct from Judaism then why not consider this a new religion too? Isn't Protestant reformation just a small event compared to this?

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Press release a world news to journalists (maddest fundraiser ever)

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