Collecting donations at Kickstarter? Why should also use CryptoNGO for crowdfunding -

Are you already collecting donations at Kickstarter? You should also list your project at for the following reasons:

  1. One can create a new cryptocurrency with us. Sell it for Ether to investors and donors and become rich.
  2. One can also accept BitCoin for donations.
  3. One can refer to any fundraiser(s) of your choice, be it Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoGetFunding, or even just We are going to become the central hub of all fundraisers, the directory of fundraising projects where everyone should submit to.
  4. does not collect any fees. We exist on donations and trading our crypto like any other fundraising project listed at our site.
  5. We don’t require any supporting documents, being in a particular country, or official nonprofit status.
  6. does not rank projects by the number of donations already received. We are the justest crowdfunding platform.
  7. In short: It is the best way to crowdfund a project!

In the new version of our site creating new cryptocurrency is optional, now you can use us just as a directory of fundraisers. But if you choose to create it, you get infinite amount of money on your account (but you promise to use it only for your nonprofit project, as described when you create the project). Yes, infinite. But it is displayed in your Ethereum wallet as “only” 1024 tokens. You will need to exchange your own currency with some widespread currency in the future.

They say that soon everybody will have his own currency. Not sure about everybody, but every significant nonprofit project should have its own currency.

When one donates you in Ether, he automatically receives e2/(T+e) tokens where T is the total amount of Ether received to this token before the purchase and e is the amount of Ether sent in this transaction.

Why should anyone want to send Ether to the currency creator? There are two possible reasons: 1. He may want to support a nonprofit project. 2. He is after receiving the tokens. He may hope to sell the tokens at higher price than the price he purchased it.

Investment ideas

As the price grows, if the purchaser has a big amount of money he can do a cheap wholesale purchase and then sell tokens to other traders who don’t own enough money for a big purchase, thus setting the price for them above the price purchased for.

While the price is yet low, purchasing even a small amount (and big too) of tokens may turn out to be profitable.

Refer also to our previous press release

Again, the link to the new fundraising site.


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