Collecting donations at Kickstarter? Why should also use CryptoNGO for crowdfunding –

DRAFT Avoid “you” and “we”? Are you already collecting donations at Kickstarter? You should also list your project at for the following reasons: You can create a new cryptocurrency with us. Sell it for Ether to investors and donors and become rich. You can also accept BitCoin for donations. You can refer to any […]

Financing Nonprofit Projects (With New Cryptocurrencies) – CryptoNGO

(For immediate release, allowed to reprint this article unlimited but only without changes.) Can one have an infinite amount of money? Israel, Hadaron, Ashqelon – 05/30/2019 ( This press release presents a new way to finance nonprofit projects, a crowdfunding site which also allows to create new cryptocurrencies and so to invest into nonprofits projects. One may dream to […]