Modern money is evil, we need new money

Everybody (well almost everybody, there are enough idiots who think that money are always right) knows that greed for money causes much harm: from poverty of a big part of the society, often of healthy, smart people, to global warming, to spread of low quality products like Microsoft Windows which suck away better competitors, to under-financed nonprofits.

The reason for this is that businesses invent ways to “win” over the system of making money to serve for good and so pretending to “earn” money instead grab it as an unjust gain rather than a reward. You know, they even modify the system of reward for their personal interests (it is called lobbying).

Even Bible says “love of money is the root of all evil”.

Karl Marx naively and quite anti-scientifically assumed that there will be no money in the future society. It is contrary to our experience where the role of money is only strengthening and new kinds of money (SWIFT, cryptocurrency, PayPal, credit cards, etc., as well as as kinds of shares and obligations) appear. Money is nothing other as a number. Marx so stupidly claimed that the future economic will be without numerical calculations. It is hard to imagine economical calculations without real numbers or entities composed of them such as vectors and matrices. So, it is hard to imagine the future without money.

So we need money, it seems inevitable. But current money is an evil. So what? We need a new kind of money.

BitCoin is not this new money, it is mostly just a new way to transfer money. (Well, it growed in price unlike old inflating money, but that’s not enough for it to be the new money.)

Which characteristics the new money should have?

  • It need to be nonprofit-based because, the business has shown its blatant inefficiency in solving country-wide and global problems.
  • It needs to be “global”, that is the value of an object should be tied not to an individual person or corporation but to the global society as a whole, otherwise money serve to somebody’s local interests not to the mankind.
  • The money need to grow over time, as most projects need increased financing.

And I invented this new kind of money, the money of the future!

They are cryptocurrencies published at the site

  • They are nonprofit, as the site publishes new cryptocurrencies namely for nonprofit projects.
  • They are global, as investments to a nonprofit grow as a contribution of the entire society of the crypto-investors not just from individual contributions, but with individual contributions multiplied by the virtuous circle of growing investments.
  • And they do grow, as the price of the tokens (the new money) increases with every purchase.

Well, my plan of world domination has also drawbacks:

  • The new money may form “bubbles” where the price would increase uncontrollable, “forgetting” about the original intention to finance a certain nonprofit project.
  • As before, if you already have money you can pay for SEO of your project and cause it to raise over other under-financed projects. There is no complete justice in this word.

I know no way to prevent this problem where investors would get too much money.

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