Nonprofit Idea: Crypto for People. Make a Change

Want to contribute to the society? I propose you an idea to start a nonprofit:

Give every human on the Earth crypto. Or at least do it in your country.

Let every human receive 1 coin of crypto every 0:00 of the night every day.

I can do the programming part of the project. But the main problem is that we need to prevent one person to sign up more than once. For this it is necessary to check his identity documents. Need also to stop give money if he dies. Please help to raise money to accomplish this project.

Why to do it?

First, we don’t want people to die of hunger or cold. So everybody should have some money. It is free for us to give him crypto, but it may be the only source of life for him.

However, monetary rent has deficiencies: Many people would stop work (or choose a hobby instead of a real job) if had free money. But we are not going to give them real money. We instead want to give them special money which people would use to buy rights rather than goods. They yet are supposed to work to get real money to buy goods. This means we don’t suppose one would buy a car for our crypto (for this money exists). We suppose he would buy access to the Internet (= access to life), bread if deficit in this area, medical insurance for possible cancer, legal help of professional lawyers (does he have any rights otherwise?), connection to venture investors if he wants to start a business from zero, psychologist help against suicide, children in a school, maybe even higher education, to receive a credit card, … rights in short.

I suppose so because I suppose these who will be willing to accept our crypto as a mean of payment will be at least a little socially responsive and sell rights for it if they can’t provide them completely for free. Yes, certainly it could be exchanged for regular money for which people buy goods, but I don’t expect this sum to be big. Maybe just not to die of hunger, what could be considered more a right than a good. This is a new kind of money, a money for buying human rights. Not everybody posses human rights now, it’s better to sell it to them than to leave them without rights as now.

Organizations get the opportunity to provide “human” services to the population, in addition to the existing options for free and paid services, services for a person based on the fact that he is a person and has human rights. Organizations will no longer have to choose from two extreme options: to work for free or to rip off money for exercising the rights and opportunities that every person should have, not just the rich. In particular, it will help develop various forms of charity, but also business.

We’d give crypto to every person in the world, but we’d at least give crypto to every citizen of your country.

We need some things to discuss (please comment below):

  • Give money once per day or continually every second? Once per day would be somehow easier to calculate fo humans.
  • Start giving money: from the point of signing up at our system? from the moment of birth retrospecively? or only from adulthood? or even vary the amount dependently on the age?

To implement it technically we miss one thing (I can do the rest, as I am a programmer): We need something to provide our system with a set of electronic identifiers of living person together with their dates of birth and also notify our system when a person dies to stop give him or her crypto. The system could calculate the current amount of coins per day and notify Ethereum smart contract than I could write. The rest is not very hard, just a few weeks or so of my work. For example, in Russia there is an electronic system that tracks every citizen, but Russian seems not to want give poor people rights. Request it to be done in your country: mail your president and MPs, write about this whenever you can write.

If you want to make a change, contact me. You can start gathering money for this project or any other nonprofit project at our site, if you want to do something.

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