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For money raisers

If you have or want to create a nonprofit project, you can get free money for your project at this site.

They say that soon everybody will have his own currency. Not sure about everybody, but every nonprofit project should have its own currency.

How does it work?

First you create a new currency (using Ethereum cryptocurrency, like a BitCoin but different).

In this new currency your account is special: It holds infinite amount of money. (See here for details.) You promise that you will use that money only for a specific nonprofit project which you describe at this site.

Next cryptocurrency entrepreneurs may notice your project and begin to do business with your new currency. They may purchase your new currency and you get the compensation in Ether (one of the majour cryptocurrencies) and/or they may trade your currency at an exchange.

If your project is good enough, this may lead to creation virtual money exchanges in Internet, which support your currency. Then you can get any amount (limited by your promised limits) of your currency and change it to for example dollars or Euro.

You use these money to finance your nonprofit project.

All this is completely free for you.

How to do this?

First install either MetaMask browser extension or Mist browser (programs capable with dealing with Ethereum electronic money through our Web pages).

Then Create the nonprofit profile at this site.


If you have several related projects, consider joining them into single project. This way we get less fragmentation and less clutter and as a result probably better financing of our projects.

Advertise your project page (which appears after you create your project) for more traders to look into it.