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Project CryptoNGO

WARNING: It is and old version of the project. See here for the last version.


CryptoNGO is an organization which supports financing (nonprofit) projects by means of cryptocurrency, especially by creating a new cryptocurrency for a particular project. We provide a Web site where anyone can register his projects, in order to receive cryptocurrency for his projects for free.

We attempt to hold a balance between interests of benefactors and investors.

We want to support legal persecution of violators of promises given on our site.

CryptoNGO is currently an unregistered nonprofit organization. We consider to register it (probably in Russia, Israel, or USA, no we are in no way subdued to Russian government :-), mail me if you are really scared of Russia and advise not to register in Russia).

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April 11, 2018, 1:03 a.m.

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May 28, 2019, 8:30 a.m.

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0x35e61f72873e53e685f5deafd67fec47654c537e (send Ether here to receive the tokens, formula)

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0x36a0356d43ee4168ed24efa1cae3198708667ac0 (you can send Ether here if you don't want to receive the tokens)

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Benefits of CryptoNGO may be used for supporting hosting and backend infrastructure and for advertising this site (because adequate amounts of advertising may benefit both benefactors and investors), for programming (however it is likely will be done by volunteers), also for security.

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unregistered nonprofit


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  • owner: 0x36a0356d43ee4168ed24efa1cae3198708667ac0 / address: 0x35e61f72873e53e685f5deafd67fec47654c537e / symbol: CRY / name: CryptoNGO (current)