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Project CryptoNGO

WARNING: It is and old version of the project. See here for the last version.


Crypto4NGO is an open source software and a Web site where every nonprofit project can create their own virtual currency and sell it to gather money. It is a completely new way to finance nonprofit projects and should change all the world. It is completely free for both fundraisers and donors/traders.

Surely Crypto4NGO should be able to finance itself, but we need some seed money to start it become self-supporting.

We also list nonprofit projects to gather donations in BitCoin and Ether currencies.

The project also aims to help traders to help trade the new cryptocurrencies (for the benefit of nonprofits).

Some users will want to make good, therefore they will use such currencies, what will lead to increasing exchange rates for such currencies, what will lead more users what in turn will increase the exchange rate. This is a virtuous circle of increasing the exchange rate. This may make the cryptocurrencies associated with projects even more profitable that regular cryptocurrencies.

Here is the page of CryptoNGO itself on CryptoNGO site.

They say that soon everybody will have his own currency. Not sure about everybody, but every nonprofit project should have its own currency. 

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The money you donate will be used to advertise the site and to develop it further (also to pay for hosting). We are going to openly publish the income and expenses of this project on yearly or monthly basis. Controlling the project by a board voting rather than by Victor Porton solely is planned.

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April 11, 2018, 1:03 a.m.

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March 2, 2020, 12:32 p.m.

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Benefits of CryptoNGO may be used for supporting hosting and backend infrastructure and for advertising this site (because adequate amounts of advertising may benefit both benefactors and investors), for programming (however it is likely will be done by volunteers), also for security.

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Victor Porton's Foundation

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