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Project Create Your Own Virtual Currency With CryptoNGO

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Invest by purchasing our tokens while they are cheap.”

Open-Source software and website, Crypto4NGO is an initiative to help finance projects that work for the betterment of society in any way possible. Simply said, it is a platform to aid non-profit projects by creating virtual currencies and enabling them to raise funds naturally by selling the virtually generated cryptocurrency. We also aim to become the central hub of all fundraising sites. The project will allow promoting fundraisers at other crowdfunding sites on our website for free. In this way, the non-profit projects will be able to gather donations from other fundraisers via credit cards or PayPal.

For sure, Crypto4NGO too requires funds to finance itself with seed money for the foundation and to grow and become a self-supporting platform.

Help the entire world of nonprofits by donating to this project and/or invest by buying our tokens while they are cheap. We aim to produce a new world system: neither capitalism nor communism.

Faster Fundraising

It seems true that the future of money won’t be a singular currency that rules the entire world. It will rather be multiplied into thousands of different currencies because “Money” is more than just a mode of exchange. It isn’t only something you give to the cashier and buy a product, but also something of value you wish to save for the long term. Those who save, most probably think of investing in the long run. So we need to prepare for the world and all it has to offer in the near future. If not everybody, there are legitimate reasons why non-profit projects should have their own currencies.

To serve this purpose, Crypto4NGO strives and enables you to fund your own non-profit projects instead of relying on the traditional financial institutions or other less effective modes that require more efforts and time. The initiative allows traders to create a unique cryptocurrency. The projects get more exposure and hence, they are able to raise more capital in a relatively shorter period of time. The detailed document for fundraisers answer all the questions regarding fund-raisers in a brand new virtually generated crypto-way!

Raise Money in Crypto

The project also aims to help traders deal in new cryptocurrencies and raise money to invest in non-profit concerns. Some users may want to make a good amount of money so they would use such currencies. Using the newly created cryptocurrency will lead to increasing exchange rates for such currencies, hence attracting more users and increasing the rate further. This is a virtuous cycle of increasing the demand and exchange rate that would make the cryptocurrencies associated with the project much more profitable than regular currencies.

Here is a complete guideline for traders or investors.

Crypto4NGO has the potential to uplift countless non-profit initiatives including the project itself. It facilitates the virtual exchange of Ether for crypto tokens. Thus, it is an excellent opportunity for investors to multiply their capital countless times. The process is simple, quick and rewarding. It does not ask you to register to be an investor. You can directly invest through Ethereum wallet and make donations in BitCoins or Ether or via external fundraisers including PayPal or credit cards (in USD or EUR).

Make the Most out of Virtually Generated Donations

The best part is multiplying your funds in a unique way. As the price increases and buyers possess a good amount of money, they can make a cheaper wholesale purchase transaction and later on, sell tokens to traders who do not have that much amount to make a big purchase. This will enable you to set a profitable price, more than what you had paid for.

When prices are low, getting a small number of tokens may also turn out to be profitable. You can also advertise your non-profit project or fundraiser (from other crowdfunding websites) without any cost. This is sometimes also a way to double up the donations. Read the document for donors for complete information.

Join hands with Crypto4NGO

Donations will also be used for the development and marketing of Crypto4NGO, to ultimately provide a self-sustaining model to the public. If you are up to start a non-profit project, lack of funds is not an excuse. You can kick-start by posting it on our website and achieve your goals in lesser time.

Get in touch today to learn more about how Crypto4NGO can help you and your project.


They say that soon everybody will have his own currency. Not sure about everybody, but every nonprofit project should have its own currency. 

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The money you donate will be used to advertise the site and to develop it further (also to pay for hosting). We are going to openly publish the income and expenses of this project on yearly or monthly basis. Controlling the project by a board voting rather than by Victor Porton solely is planned.

Legal status.

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