Business Plan for CryptoNGO

I am Victor Lvovich Porton, a dual citizen of Russia and Israel, living in Ashkelon, Israel.

I together with several other volunteers (currently Chisom Nwani from Nigeria and my fiancee Victoria Amunga from Kenya participate in blog writing and video production) work on CryptoNGO project. I am the CEO of the project. I am also the programmer of the project.

About CryptoNGO Project

The project consists of a Web site (site is in redesign right now!) and Ethereum smart contracts it produces.

The site has following features:

  • a crowdfunding site to accept BitCoin and Ether
  • a hub to advertise any project on other crowdfunding sites for free and accept donations by other means through external fundraisers
  • a platform to create new cryptocurrencies for nonprofits so that their value of donations would grow over time, providing nonprofits with an infinite amount of a cryptocurrency to spend for nonprofit projects

New cryptocurrencies created by the site are implemented as Ethereum ERC-20 tokens (a kind of “smart contract”). Ethereum is a decentralized (so providing a higher security than traditional banking) computing platform and a cryptocurrency, that allows to verify financial or other transactions for compliance to a set of rules automatically.

In the future we may also accept other means of payments, such as PayPal and credit cards, for crowdfunding.

Purpose of the project

The project has ambitious purpose to reform the world money system as described in

It is accomplished by empowering nonprofits with crypto.

The project is inspired to me by God. I am high qualified software developer and am enthusiastic about the project.

The goods sold

The project sells ERC-20 tokens, including the CRY token supporting the project.

These tokens are a kind of an electronic currency.

The price of the tokens sold is determined by the formula e2/(T+e) where T is the total amount of Ether received to this token before the purchase and e is the amount of Ether sent in this transaction.

Despite of this formula being quadratic in the terms of the price, I expect an exponential grow for some period of time, because the variable T is expected to grow over time probably exponentially.

The tokens are sold to all visitors of the site, as reached with SEO, social marketing, virtual exchanges submissions, etc.

The power of investment into the project is based on multiplying power of both traditional crypto market grow (like BitCoin) and soliciting investing into good deeds for good.

What I will do with money

The money are to be invested into the following:

  • SEO and social marketing of the site
  • listing our tokens at exchanges
  • server expenses
  • Web and logo design
  • recording videos and other ads
  • services such as tracking Ethereum transactions
  • legal fees
  • salary for the CEO
  • free house with enhanced security for the CEO, as a mean to increase information security
  • possibly PPC marketing

Proposed spent of money

So far I spent with the project $1063.18 by myself.

In the near perspective I am going to spend all available money paying a SEO company for external SEO and/or social marketing accordingly their recommendation, as well as for paying for press releases and crowdfunding promotion.

Almost any amount of money (like $2000 – $400,000,000,000) invested into the project can be accommodated.

Legal Status

CryptoNGO is considered as an NGO unregistered in Russia.

Our ICOs do not need registration, because they do not pass Howey test, particularly it is not an investment into a common enterprise. For something to be a common enterprise, it is required it to have multiple employees, what is not the case. (Ordinary volunteerism is not an employment accordingly to DOL.)

Related Projects

Among other projects, on the site a religion (based on the author’s book End of Gospel) is advertised and its crypto tokens are for sale. This project may also be profitable for investors, as the set purpose is to grow above Catholic church.


Means of Investment

The easiest way to invest is to purchase our Ethereum tokens, including the CRY token:

Haste to do it before other investors while the price is low.

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