Our Enemies are Marxists

I proposed a new economic structure that should come after capitalism.

Now I know that this project has enemies: I have asked some questions about CryptoNGO in the Washington DC Blockshop and also asked for support. After this, my messages were deleted. Moreover, I asked why my messages were deleted and after this I was expunged from this Keybase chat. So they hate my crypto so much that even don’t want to say me “I hate you! It is the reason to expunge you from the chat.” but expunge me silently.

It is a war of people against increasing efficiency of their economy and their incomes, science, wellbeing, social justice, right to speech, etc. for the purpose of following a classic economic model like capitalism or socialism, that is following the tradition.

Why do they behave so much silly? The only explanation is that they follow Karl Marx:

There are two theories of social classes: Marxism and structural functionalism. Historically, it was only Marxism and its successors that claimed that the society is inevitably divided into classes in war with each other. The other historical alternative to Marxism is structural functionalism that claims that classes can work together to provide solidarity and stability.

It seems that admins of that “Blockshop” desire that the idea of Marx comes true and classes would not work together to provide wellbeing. That is the only reason why they don’t want capitalism to be gone.

Business and nonprofit should work together. We need a new system based on new kind of crypto money, not capitalism or communism both of which proved their blatant inefficiency and injustice. Don’t be a Marxist, join crypto revolution.

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  1. It has an analogy to “market economy” reforms in Russia: Because the reformers were influenced by Marxism, they wanted to build a society described by Marx, classic capitalism, instead of giving real freedom and allowing the market to decide which system it would build. That’s one of the main reasons of the Russian economy failure. Now they don’t want free crypto market but want capitalism. It’s silly.

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