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  • Victor Porton’s math research

    I do mathematical research in fundamental abstract mathematics on the following topics: A new subfield of General Topology, done in an algebraic way. It is a big revolution in mathematics. I think my research is worth prizes of Nobel level. See this page for all info about my research and to download all information for free. This can be read even by beginning college students, by the way. Theory of formula
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  • Christian anti-asteroid initiative

    It is Victor Porton’s initiative to hear the warning of Apocalypse (Revelation of John), chapter 8, and resist the comet or asteroid which is now on the way to the Earth.
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  • Create Your Own Virtual Currency With CryptoNGO

    Invest by purchasing our tokens while they are cheap.” Open-Source software and website, Crypto4NGO is an initiative to help finance projects that work for the betterment of society in any way possible. Simply said, it is a platform to aid non-profit projects by creating virtual currencies and enabling them to raise funds naturally by selling the virtually generated cryptocurrency. We also aim to become the central hub of all fundraising sites. The project will allow promoting fund
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